The TalentWoo bundled recruiting solution is proudly offered by Project Management Group, LLC (“PMG”). PMG leverages¬† 20 years of recruiting success to help businesses make intelligent hiring decisions. Our relentless focus on quality service, and passion for data-driven decision-making have fueled our on-going pursuit for the perfect hiring solution. Partnering with the industry’s most effective and cost-efficient vendors, PMG has created TalentWoo, a bundled-service offering that’s almost impossible to match!

The TalentWoo solution is the only SaaS recruiting solution that offers both automated recruiting software combined with certified hiring consultants to help drive passive candidates to your open jobs. The platform allows you to post your jobs to paid job boards (Monster, Careerbuilder, Dice, Craigslist, etc) at significantly reduced cost, gain access to a proprietary referral network of 3M professionals, comes with intelligent candidate filtering and follow up software, is social media- integrated, and supported with targeted email marketing campaigns to LinkedIn and other online resume databases. Find out how this unique and ground-breaking approach to talent acquisition can increase your hiring success rate today!


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