Talent Acquisition Strategy – Same Old Song

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Many companies who are looking to hire technical and engineering talent often face obstacles because they use outdated strategies, or inappropriate tactics to fill these niche positions. While in their own minds, they believe they have covered all the bases with a comprehensive talent acquisition strategy, the reality is quite different from the point of view of passive candidates. TalentWoo discusses the 4 things your company is doing that probably will NOT result in an engineering or technical hire, and why:

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How To Hire a Unix Systems Administrator in Phoenix

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If you are a Phoenix Valley company with an IT department, then you know the headaches of trying to keep fully staffed with technical talent.  Crucial to most organizations is the role of the Unix Systems Administrator or SysAdmin.  Almost every company needs one, and the standard bullet list of job requirements goes something like this: Collaboratively sets technical standards for UNIX Administration team, including scripting, backups, monitoring, general administration and documentation Performs new server installations and...

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The Recruiting Fallacy

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Many organizations unwisely turn to their recruiting departments, or even hire retained search or contingency recruiting firms to address attrition problems. When employees are leaving, these hiring managers will look to the recruiters to find more talent, fill the department holes, and get the company back to being productive. While the talent acquisition function is absolutely crucial to every organization, TalentWoo explains what recruiting can and cannot do for a company that is looking for authentic solutions to business challenges.

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Three HUGE Hiring Constraints

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Project management professionals are trained to proactively address a Triple Constraint whenever undertaking a significant endeavor. Who knew that HR recruiters, hiring managers, or anyone else looking to on-board hard-to-find talent, could take a page right from the PMI PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge) to find talent acquisition advice. That's because the restraints project managers face are the exact same as those experienced by anyone looking to acquire talent for their organization. What are those three constraints, and what are some creative ways to address them? TalentWoo dishes on the Triple Constraint for hiring.

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Your Start-Up Company: 5 Tips for Quick Talent Acquisition

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If you are a software or high-tech start-up company with plans to grow quickly, your number one priority may be to get your product out the door as quickly as possible; or it may be to find a buyer for your product as quickly as possible. Either way, your #2 or #3 priority will always be recruiting (finding and on-boarding) qualified technical talent to keep your organization going. This is also very likely your biggest challenge, your worst nightmare and the biggest time drain. TalentWoo shares five tips for every software start-up company that needs to acquire talent in a hurry:

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5 Ideas for Recruitment Advertising on the Cheap

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To advertise your company's employment opportunities on major job boards like or costs hundreds of dollars per job posting. If you are a start-up, or a company on a budget that is trying to fill multiple positions, you may not be able to afford to market all your jobs in this fashion. So what can you do to advertise your company, create an employer brand, and spread awareness about your opportunities if you're in this situation? TalentWoo discusses 5 creative recruitment advertising options (translation: FREE) to showcase your company.

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The BIG 7: CRM Principles for Your Applicant Tracking System

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TalentWoo, drawing on an infographic from marketing automation leader Infusionsoft, shows your company how the seven key principles of business marketing can be leveraged to achieve mind-blowing recruiting success, provided you have the appropriate Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

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4 Tips to Recruitment Advertising Without an Agency

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Are you a growing company that needs to recruit and hire talent, but can't afford an Advertising Agency to handle your recruitment marketing needs? Many small and medium-sized businesses we talk to are completely uninformed about the most effective ways to market their company and their job openings to a broad audience, on a limited budget. In this blog, TalentWoo shares 4 easy tips you can apply to your recruitment marketing strategy today that will have you saying, "I Can Do This!"

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Gen Y: Four Fast Facts You Can’t Afford to Ignore

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It's time for your company to confront the most significant emerging workforce dynamic faced by employers in more than 20 years: the on-boarding, matriculation and retention of an entirely new generation of workers - the millennials, a generation which will compose 36% of the US workforce by 2014 and 46% of the workforce by 2020. TalentWoo shares 4 key findings that demonstrate why a recruiting and retention strategy for "Gen Y" is crucial for your organization's long-term success.

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Winning the Debate: 3 Recruiting Game Changers!

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Channeling the lessons-learned from the 1960 presidential debates, TalentWoo discusses three recruiting game-changers that your company can use today to upstage your competitors in the war for talent

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