Online Job Marketing

Cast the widest net humanly possible with TalentWoo. Don’t be fooled into paying to market your job to free aggregator sites like SimplyHired or, thinking that this alone will give you the exposure you need. TalentWoo’s job marketing campaigns will maximize your exposure unlike anything you have seen to date!


Paid Job Board Postings

At TalentWoo, we don’t define “online job marketing” as “creating a url for your job.” We actually market your job for you!  TalentWoo is the only solution that includes a posting to,,, and (if needed) for every one of your openings. 

We are also constantly evaluating niche sites, and have been able to include additional postings for clients on sites like, and at no additional charge!



Paid Resume Databases

Save all your money when it comes to accessing fee-based online resume databases.  Our TalentWoo consultants have subscriptions to a variety of databases and can market each of your jobs to the most qualified resumes online, as part of our service offering.








Social Media Integration

Your newly launched job can be shared easily across all the social networks and can be leveraged to increase employee referrals.  Companies using the TalentWoo solution powered by Accolo’s cloud recruiting platform have seen their employee referral rates double, from 15% to 30%.  Let our hiring consultants target the right LinkedIn professional groups and start online discussions about your job!





2.5 Million Referrals

TalentWoo will access a professional referral network of 2.5 million people who have agreed to act as referrals or asked to be kept informed of opportunities for which they qualify.  This kind of word of mouth publicity is a marketer’s dream.




Automated Screening