In a recent Inc. Magazine article, Jerel Cain, the founder and CEO of TalentWoo Real Estate Staffing company, shared his story on how he built his business around values. Cain’s recruitment philosophy emphasizes the importance of matching the values of the candidates with those of the companies they will work for.

Cain’s values-based recruitment approach is rooted in his own personal journey. As a young man early in his recruiting career, he believed the true test of success was how well he could match employees with potential employers based on traditional core drivers: using the right skill sets; salary; opportunity for career growth; brand prestige; industry appeal; perquisites; desirable work locations. Over years and decades of working, he came to understand that a true match was more akin to aligning purpose with meaning vs matching skill sets with dollar signs. His experience inspired him to build a company that would prioritize the values of candidates and clients alike.

TalentWoo Real Estate Staffing Company’s success is a testament to Cain’s unique recruitment strategy. By focusing on values, Cain has helped his clients find talent that aligns with their company culture, leading to positive outcomes for both employers and employees.

In the Inc. Magazine article, Cain shares insights on some of the difficulties of leading a values-driven company culture, even as it attracts and retains top talent. He emphasizes the importance of being very clear on which values are important if you are to have a positive work environment that fosters collaboration, growth, and development for employees.

Cain’s advice to entrepreneurs and business owners who want to build a values-driven company is to define their values and ensure that they are communicated effectively to employees and clients. He also emphasizes the importance of staying true to those values and using them as a guide when making business decisions.

If you want to learn more about how Jerel Cain founded TalentWoo Real Estate Staffing company around values and how he has achieved success with his recruitment strategy, read the full article on Inc. Magazine here.