Whether you are a large business using tools like Microsoft Dynamics, or a small business using software like Infusionsoft, you probably already understand the need to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes, especially sales activities.  Your goal when using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is to: find, attract, and win new customers; retain those you already have; and to entice former ones to return, all while reducing your marketing costs.   TalentWoo, drawing on an infographic from marketing automation leader Infusionsoft, shows your company how the seven key principles of business marketing can be leveraged to achieve mind-blowing recruiting success, provided you have the appropriate Applicant Tracking System (ATS).





























































Borrowing from the seven-step theme above, there are many similarities that you should consider in your recruitment advertising and talent acquisition strategy.  These seven steps are:

  1. Attract Job Applicants – Your Applicant Tracking System and overall talent acquisition strategy should include extensive online marketing reach, with each of your job openings registering with hundreds of online job databases.  There should be Social Media integration with the ability of every employee to easily share the position, recommend friends or colleagues with the click of a button.
  2. Capture Potential Future Employees – What if people who visit your job today are not ready to move, or would be a better fit for future openings?  Your talent acquisition software should be able to capture these passive seekers, and your applicant tracking system should be able to follow up with them when a more appropriate job becomes available.  
  3. Nurture Future Employees – Find recruiting software that allows job seekers to sign up for job alerts for your company.  Allow them to stay abreast of what is happening at your company, and what new jobs are becoming available with an applicant tracking system that automates this follow up for you.
  4. Get Them to Apply –Just because you have a job opening posted online doesn’t mean people with apply.  Sometimes you need help crafting job descriptions and marketing campaigns that entice potential applicants to take action.  Does your current applicant tracking system come with dedicated hiring consultant resources that are available to help you with this?
  5. Create a Satisfying Application Process – Remember the application process is part of your employer brand.  Every applicant is a type of customer, who will have a customer experience that they will share with colleagues.   Have recruiting software that has automated follow up and communication capabilities that keeps all applicants informed of where they are in the process, each and every step of the way.  Nothing is worse for your employer brand than for applicants to feel like their applications went into a black hole.
  6. Gain Feedback to Improve Your Process – Your Applicant Tracking System should follow up with every hiring manager and every job applicant after a successful hire is made, to find out what went well, and what could be improved upon.  This feedback allows you to refine your process, while making your employees (both manager and new recruit) feel valued.  You have just turned applicants into advocates!
  7. Get Referrals – Your applicant tracking system should be a referral acquisition system as well.  Make sure your recruiting software handles social media, referral tracking, and can turn previous applicants into referral sources!

If your company is looking for a feature-rich applicant tracking system that functions more like a CRM system, allowing you to attract massive amounts of traffic, create and convert leads, and build a steady stream of employee referrals, contact TalentWoo today for a demo.