On Sept 26, 1960 democrat John F. Kennedy debated republican Richard M. Nixon on national television – the first televised presidential debate in United States history.  In front of, what was at the time, “the largest television audience in history”, the fit and tanned Senator Kennedy appeared more likeable, more presentable and more presidential than the haggard, beady-eyed Vice-President Nixon.  And in one of the closest elections in US presidential history, JFK defeated Nixon by fewer than 100,000 votes, helping cement television as on of the most decisive mediums in presidential politics.  Channeling the lessons-learned from the 1960 presidential debates, TalentWoo discusses three recruiting game-changers that your company can use today to upstage your competitors in the war for talent:

  1. Showcase Your Company Strengths…  Does your company have an innovative product or service?  Candidates that are considering employment with multiple companies want to know about your management team, your revenues and financial stability, your position in the market, your brand reputation, your company culture, as well as the salary and benefits.  Make sure that when you are recruiting talent, you have more than just an applicant tracking system; make sure there is a complete talent acquisition strategy in place that includes highlighting your company’s most attractive features.
  2. Using the Appropriate Medium …  Static print job postings are not nearly as engaging as allowing a potential employee to “experience” what it is like to work for your organization.  Company recruiting videos that allow applicants to see your company up close and personal are always a great idea.  Open houses, company tours, or even hosting social, charity or educational events on-site at your company are other creative ways to attract passive candidates, allowing them to see for themselves what your organization is all about.
  3. Targeting the Largest Possible Audience!  At TalentWoo we believe that any recruiting strategy around job marketing should include as many different sources as possible.  This means that your company’s job openings should be broadcast to all appropriate job boards, to all social media channels, and through all company employee, partner and vendor networks.   It should also include targeted email marketing campaigns to proprietary databases of qualified professional talent.

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