Are you a growing company that needs to recruit and hire talent, but can’t afford an Advertising Agency to handle your  recruitment marketing needs?  Many small and medium-sized businesses we talk to are completely uninformed about the most effective ways to market their company and their job openings to a broad audience, on a limited budget.  In this blog, TalentWoo shares 4 easy tips you can apply to your recruitment marketing strategy today that will have you saying,  “I Can Do This!”

To start with, if your company or department is on a budget with limited recruitment advertising dollars, remember that your goal is to focus on cost-effective and targeted marketing campaigns that are both job-specific, as well as candidate-selective.  In other words, the do-it-yourself recruitment advertising plan should be robust in the sense that it covers multiple channels (a plethora of job boards like Monster, Careerbuilder, Dice, Craigslist, TheLadders, Indeed, etc), but also finely tuned, in the sense that it only targets applicants whom you are truly interested in pursuing.  Below are four ways to make this happen for your company:

(1) Use Social Media to Spread Awareness. In a previous blog post we discussed the use of LinkedIn as an amazing recruiting tool to spread awareness of your open job positions.  LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 175 million members in over 200 countries and territories.  And in this blog post, we discussed 5 compelling reasons why social media absolutely needed to be a part of your overall recruitment strategy.   Dollar-for-dollar, there is simply nothing more cost-effective than leveraging social and professional online networks to advertise your jobs.

(2) Create a simple company video.  You need something on YouTube that brands you as an employer and showcases why a potential  employee might be attracted to your company culture.  For more details on why you can’t afford NOT to, see this hilarious blog post.

(3) Find the appropriate talent acquisition platform or applicant tracking system.  You are looking  for recruiting software that allows you to market your jobs online to multiple job boards simultaneously,  and at substantially reduced costs.  There are many vendors of recruitment software to choose from, but most do not include posting to major job boards in the price.  The Big Three that are non-negotiable: Monster, Careerbuilder, Craigslist.  Do some research to find vendors that charge you substantially reduced job marketing costs, and give you the software for free.  For more info, see this blog entry.

(4) Use targeted email marketing campaigns.  This has now become the silver bullet of recruiting strategy.  Once you have access to resume databases, social media networks, or professional online networks, you can target your ideal candidate very well.  Again, we’re assuming you are on a limited budget, and may not have access to a large network to email.  Consider partnering with  outsourced recruitment consultants that can handle this tedious task for you, at rock-bottom prices.

To find out more about how TalentWoo can help you target and create an amazing pipeline of talent for your organization, using the latest social media recruitment techniques, targeted email recruitment advertising, online job postings at wholesale prices, and sophisticated, intelligent applicant tracking software, please contact us today.