If you’re considering outsourcing your company’s recruiting efforts, there are some important things you should know before choosing an RPO vendor. Here are nine key points to keep in mind to help ensure you make the right choice.

First, it’s a good idea to start with a trial project. This will allow both you and the RPO vendor to get to know each other better and learn more about each other’s operations and culture. If an RPO provider pushes back on doing a trial, it may be a red flag, as a credible RPO will likely jump at the opportunity to learn more about your company before committing to a large-scale implementation.

You should also know what you want to accomplish through outsourcing and be able to articulate this to your internal team.

Set realistic timelines and goals, and make sure the RPO provider you choose can meet these targets with the right resources and tools.

Before choosing an RPO provider, it’s important to be aware of your recruiting problems and to be willing to confront the brutal facts about your current recruiting operations. A credible RPO provider will have a solid evaluation process that they use to analyze your organization’s talent acquisition needs, and they should be able to provide solutions that will improve your recruiting operations.

When choosing an RPO provider, it’s essential to meet the people who will be working on your account. Make sure you like and trust them and that you feel confident in their ability to deliver results.

Finally, turnover is inevitable, so find out what kind of knowledge-management system the RPO provider has in place to capture and transfer knowledge about your company to new team members. Agree on metrics that will indicate success and what success looks like at 90 days, six months, and one year.


TalentWoo’s RPO offering provides a comprehensive and strategic approach to recruitment process outsourcing. With TalentWoo, you’ll receive a tailored solution to your recruiting needs that integrates technology, process improvement, and top-tier talent. TalentWoo has a solid evaluation process and a knowledge management system to ensure continuity and consistency, and they use metrics to measure success and keep your company on track towards its goals.