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What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is a business strategy that allows companies to outsource certain parts of their talent acquisition process to a third party provider to improve efficiency, speed up time-to-hire, and save money.

When a real estate company engages TalentWoo’s RPO Solution, our team of seasoned recruitment professionals manages all, or part of your internal recruitment process.  We partner with your business operations, and seamlessly integrate into your talent acquisition function, all while controlling costs and improving staffing performance.

RPO works best for companies that need to hire many employees at once, or needs to hire consistently over several business quarters. 

    recruitment process outsourcing
    recruitment process outsourcing

    Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a flexible way to scale your recruiting strategy and offers many benefits, especially in the following areas:

    • Flexibility. RPO allows you to scale up and down depending on your hiring needs, without hiring additional internal resources or bringing on an overpriced agency partner. You can also change the process quickly based on new skills or business requirements that arise unexpectedly in an ever-changing market environment.

    • Talent acquisition focus. With RPO, you’ll be able to focus on the essential parts of your hiring process while outsourcing other features that are not critical for success, but require a lot of time and effort from an internal team (such as onboarding). This will enable you to attract top talent faster than ever before!

    • Candidate sourcing. RPO also helps you find the right talent for your organization by providing access to an extensive database of candidates, and trained recruiters who have the time and bandwidth to seek out passive candidates.

    • Cost.  RPO models are flexible, and can bring your recruiting cost ratios down to a fraction of the cost of typical retained search and contingency staffing models.  Depending on the volume of hires, and complexity of role, companies can see huge recruiting savings using RPO.

    What you get with the TalentWoo Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solution

    Business Integration

    We become a seamless extension of your internal team, and your voice to job applicants.

    Process Evaluation

    We define, measure and analyze your existing process, and offer opportunities to streamline or improve efficiencies.

    Performance Optimization

    We work alongside your internal team to deliver outstanding results, and make improvements along the way.

    Outcome Quantification

    We measure and report monthly, quarterly, and yearly staffing performance metrics.
    Superior Cost Performance
    Most real estate companies don’t know what their  actual recruitment costs are, or how to calculate their cost ratios using their payroll numbers.  The RPO model brings clarity, transparency, and control to your real estate business.

    What Our RPO Customers Are Saying …

    Don’t take our word for it;  listen to the voices of our customers

    “I have been the District Manager for Cincinnati since the inception in 2013. I have utilized Talentwoo, and (“Recruiter Name”) in particular,  on numerous occasions during this time. I have always found her very responsive to our needs, receptive to feedback regarding strategy on how to land the ideal candidate, and just a nice person to work with. I feel comfortable with her, knowing she has  the company’s best interests at heart. She works hard to get results and she is very accessible and accommodating. She always makes sure scheduling of interviews is convenient with us and the candidates she brings us have been properly vetted. I am very satisfied with her efforts and results. I would highly recommend her and Talentwoo.”


    District Manager


    “I wanted to take to time to share a few things with you about (“Recruiter Name”) and the tremendous recruiting job she has done over the last year for me personally within the East coast region for In-House Maintenance Technician II.  To be upfront, this is the first experience I’ve personally had to utilize recruiters for open positions and (“Recruiter”) has flat out spoiled me with her dedication, attention to detail, and ability to provide clear and honest feedback from her interviews with candidates.  (“Recruiter’s”) personality, willingness to ask questions, straight forward approach and detailed notes from each candidate interview has made my job of filling open technician positions easy.  “


    Regional Field Services Manager


    “We have been partnering with the TalentWoo team for over four years, using the RPO solution. They’ve been a great partner to manage during my time here. They know our business; we have some unique positions, especially in the field, and they are able to source and find candidates in line with the type of roles we need. Also, the recruiters are great; whether in the field or in our corporate offices, we hear great feedback regarding the recruiters; they know when to loop me or another team member in when needed. Our onsite in Agoura, has significantly reduced our agency spend for Finance and Accounting positions with his successful recruiting efforts, as well.”


    HR Manager

    Los Angeles, CA

    “One of the Fastest Growing Outsourced Human Resource Functions …”

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Exactly Is RPO?
    RPO stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing, and is one type of business process outsourcing that companies use to increase job candidate quality, control recruitment costs, and manage the overall effectiveness of their recruitment strategy.
    How Is RPO Different from an External Agency?
    RPO is truly a business partnership.  The RPO team integrates with and becomes an extension of your existing team, culture and brand.  We can manage the entire process, including everything from requisition creation, recruitment process refinement, job description writing, and employee referral program management, to background checking and onboarding.  We will also provide real-time recruitment metrics and analytics. Recruiting agencies will typically deliver resumes, interviews and offers but do not integrate into your organization to optimize your process or lower your costs.
    When Should a Company Use RPO Services?

    There are no hard and fast rules, but generally a company seeks the assistance of RPO services when:

    • the company has no internal recruiting function and needs to ramp up quickly
    • the company has an internal recruiting department but doesn’t have the ability to scale rapidly for a specific business objective
    • the company needs assistance with part of its recruiting function, and would prefer to outsource it (ie applicant sourcing, screening, background checking, etc.)
    • the company wishes to leverage proprietary technology, including databases, applicant tracking systems and recruitment analytics
    • the company needs to control external agency spend
    • the company wants to keep fixed overhead low, yet retain the ability to scale their recruiting capacity on-demand
    • the company wants to control overall recruitment costs
    How Much Does It Cost?

    RPO cost models vary depending on a number of factors:

    • the number of hires being made
    • the types of positions being filled
    • how much of the recruitment process is being outsourced
    • which deliverables are expected

    In general, total RPO costs should be no more than 10% of the sum total of salaries hired.  Very often, this “Recruiting Cost Ratio” is lower.

    Why Choose TalentWoo's RPO Service Over Others?
    TalentWoo is the only RPO provider that is focused exlusively in the Real Estate industry.  We don’t say that we specialize in many industries to gain more business.  We specialize in one industry, because we want only your business. Our extremely narrow focus is what allows us to be successful;  our boutique approach to client satisfaction is what allows you to be successful.

    Have More Questions?

    If you would like to learn more about how RPO Solutions can help your real estate company, feel free to reach out now.