An interesting trend emerging among many technology companies, especially in light of the ongoing  war for top talent, is the rise of  acqui-hires.  These are hires that result from a large company taking over (ie acquiring) a smaller one, to gain access to its human capital (ie hire its engineering talent).

In an abstract from this UNC Legal Research Paper from John Coyle and Gregg Polsky, the phenomenon is described this way: “Google, Facebook, Zynga, and other prominent technology companies in Silicon Valley are buying start-up companies at a brisk pace. In many of these transactions, the buyer has little interest in acquiring the start-up’s projects or assets. Instead, the buyer’s primary motivation is to hire some or all of the start-up’s software engineers. These so-called “acqui-hires” represent a novel — and increasingly common — tool by which the largest and most successful technology companies in the world satisfy their intense demand for engineering talent. ”

But what if you are not a large and successful technology company with a Mergers & Acquisition team, flush with cash to buy other companies?  And what if you are a real estate company that is looking to hire HVAC Technician or Maintenance teams? Does this strategy really work across the spectrum of companies in different industries (ie construction and real estate), and the spectrum of capital?  More pointedly, is this a recruiting strategy that makes sense or is a viable option for your organization in today’s tight labor market?  If not, we suggest the innovative recruiting process outsourcing (RPO) solution offered by TalentWoo, which  offers a very cost-effective method for online job marketing (including social media recruiting), applicant tracking software, and low cost recruiting support to help you hire hard-to-find engineering, construction and real estate talent.

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