Rocket Mortgage managed to maintain its position as the top home lender in the United States, but just barely. The mortgage data firm iEmergent compiled data from the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA), indicating that Rocket originated $127.58 billion in home loans in 2022. This only put Rocket ahead of their closest rival, United Wholesale Mortgage, by a slim margin of $63.5 million, equivalent to less than a day’s worth of business.

It is worth noting that the data only includes one-to-four family, all occupancy, originated loans, including first and second liens, but not correspondent or multifamily loans. However, according to iEmergent’s analysis, Rocket was able to edge out United Wholesale Mortgage in terms of volume because it offers home improvement loans, which the latter does not. Specifically, Rocket originated $1 billion in home improvement loans in 2022, which proved to be the deciding factor.

However, when looking at purchase and refinance mortgages, UWM emerged as the victor, originating $127.51 billion, compared to Rocket’s $124.33 billion. Nevertheless, Rocket originated more mortgages overall, totaling 447,118, compared to UWM’s 348,415.

In terms of volume, Wells Fargo ranked third on the home lending leaderboard, producing $65.74 billion across 142,258 loans, with JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America rounding out the top five with $54.25 billion and $52.60 billion, respectively. LoanDepot came in at sixth, originating $52.53 billion across 156,126 loans. U.S. Bank, Fairway, First Republic Bank, and CrossCountry rounded out the top 10, according to the CFPB data.

However, it is important to note that HMDA does not classify lenders that have merged as a single entity. Therefore, Caliber Home Loans and NewRez are listed separately, but combined they originated about $38 billion in home loans in 2022, which would have placed them ninth on the list. Guaranteed Rate itself produced $31 billion in loans in 2022, but if HMDA considered its joint ventures with real estate brokerages like Guaranteed Rate Affinity, it would have been in the top 10.

Here is the full top 25 list, sorted by the number of home loans made in 2022, courtesy of iEmergent. More detailed data analysis is expected to be available in the coming week.