Industrial Real Estate

A Decade of 20% Returns!

Industrial real estate has experienced impressive growth over the past decade, with industrial real estate investment trusts (REITs) as tracked by the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts (Nareit) providing an average return of more than 20%. With COIVD-19 there has been accelerated growth of e-commerce alongside supply chain disruptions, driving outsized demand for this high-growth industry. Last year, industrial and logistics was the second-highest yielding REIT subsector behind self-storage, and it’s in a solid position to lead the market in 2022. Your business desperately needs the talent to keep up. Let TalentWoo help!

Logistics & Warehouse

Non-descript buildings. Glittering returns! Industrial real estate has never been hotter with rents popping and available space for fulfillment warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing plants scarce. With vacancy rates for the first time below 4%, your business is feeling the pinch. Contact TalentWoo to put your business back on track.

Data Centers

Demand for data center capacity has soared in recent years, driven by rapid growth in data. This trend accelerated during the pandemic as more people worked from home and streamed content over the internet. As a result, the industry completed a record number of new data centers last year.  If you need staffing assistance, that’s what we do best!

Manufacturing Plants

Rents in the industrial market have  increased rapidly with demand for leased space outpacing supply. Scarcity is leading to creative solutions: renting properties that can be adapted to serve their purposes; locating facilities further away from final destinations; and building vertically. Let TalentWoo take your hiring headaches off your plate. 

Broad Coast-to-Coast Reach

TalentWoo Real Estate Recruiters have the industry expertise you need!

Real Estate Staffing Solutions

Retained Search

Solutions for 1 to 10 hires.  Also appropriate for senior level or executive level real estate positions.

Contract Recruiters

Short term project-based solution, suitable for ramp-ups, temporary staff agumentation or short-term assignments.

Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO)

RPO Solutions allow companies to outsource part or all of the recruiting function to a turn-key team.  Typically 50+ hires.

Applicant Tracking & Job Marketing Tools

Turn-key applicant tracking software, online marketing solutions, branding and reporting solutions.

Low supply. High Demand. Great Resignation.

Your business needs TalentWoo!