1.  Show Don’t Tell

Consider using a simple promotional video that highlights the people in your organization, the culture, and the work environment.  These are true distinguishing characteristics that are unique to your organization.  Consider the video below, produced by TalentWoo client American Homes 4 Rent,  one of the largest Single-Family Rental companies in the United States.

2. and 3.  Cook up a Description with “Two Types of Sizzle”

  • Job Sizzle –  Explain to your potential applicants what the department is trying to accomplish, the nature of the project (to the extent that you can divulge this), the types of tools/technologies/opportunities they’ll be exposed to.  Why will they love coming to work on Monday?  What valuable experience will they be able to add to their skill set or professional tool box that they did not have previously?
  • Company Sizzle – What makes your company unique?   Because they can do the same job for 100 other companies, explain why doing it at your company would be different.  Is it your culture?  Do you have Weiner Wednesdays or French Fry Fridays?  Is your product or service gaining market share, winning awards, receiving lots of press?  Do you offer unique benefits?

4.  Be Conversational

Conversational Marketing has been used for years by real estate companies  to give their customers an opportunity to have authentic two-way interactions;  they  want to be perceived as more than just a corporation to the consumers that patronize them.  Get rid of the bullets, and take the time to write a job description that will actually resonate with your ideal candidate.  Appeal to the skills they love to use and engage them with a description that is written in their love language.  It’s the difference between someone saying, “I qualify,”  vs. “Wow!  Now that is EXACTLY the kind of job I’m looking for.”  A bullet list can’t generate an emotional response, except in limited circumstances (which brings us to our last tip)

5.  Target your audience

Are you property managers, construction superintendents, HVAC techs, or accountants?  In our two decades of talent acquisition experience, we’ve learned that analytical types actually DO respond to bullets (go figure!).  They want to logically and systematically understand the requirements, expectations, and duties BEFORE they spend time reading about your company and what makes it great.  If they feel (or rather, think) that their qualifications suitably match the requirements, and they have a good understanding of the parameters of the duties expected, only THEN will they go back and read through the “fluffy” stuff.  Not so for the sales or marketing professional.  Not so for the HR professional.  Not so for those in the creative field.  So target your audience carefully.  And keep in mind, bullets appeal to only the smallest target.

Remember you are competing against an entire market of hiring companies who are seeking to hire the best talent available.   We repeat:  “You are COMPETING for talent.”  As such, you must sell your opportunity to potential employees, entice them into your organization, and  woo them to the potential opportunity that you have waiting for them.  To illustrate your predicament, any Information Technology (IT) services company in Dallas, TX who wished to hire a certified project manager with a PMP (Project Management Professional) certification would be competing against 147 other companies, who have a total of 365 openings for PMPs at the time of this writing.   Very difficult indeed.   And this is true all across the country.  In Phoenix, AZ this company would be competing against 84 other companies with a total of 141 openings.  In San Jose, CA this company would be competing against 163 employers, with a total of 319 openings for PMPs.  You simply MUST set yourself apart!

For help crafting meaningful, and engaging job descriptions for your residential or commercial real estate organization, contact TalentWoo today.