Over the last two years, many homebuilders, residential developers and property managers have experienced significant growth. Headcount, portfolio size, and revenue earned has been growing year over year with at some points no seeming end in sight. The COVID pandemic increased the demand for single-family homes, but also indirectly caused the multifamily industry to follow in the boom as well. As home prices grew at near record-level rates, becoming unaffordable to many in the process, the need for many Americans to find rental homes and apartments became more urgent. Unlike the decline felt in commercial office buildings, recruiting and staffing became a top priority for many companies in the residential real estate sector. The need to find leasing agents, property managers and maintenance technicians to keep rental properties fully leased and well-maintained became a big concern, and still remains so three years after the pandemic. Rising interest rates have made resale homes difficult to compete for, and with homebuilders able to buy down interest rates as well as offer more affordable options, this sector is also still doing well. Heightened competition for scarce talent, combined with a labor force reluctant to return to work has made finding real estate talent particularly challenging. Add to this, the uncertainty in the market, and it can be very be difficult to forecast hiring requirements in the same way that can be done during more stable economic times. Real estate companies who are still hiring, and need to find the right talent to support the company’s short-term and long-term goals need to think outside the box. One solution that TalentWoo recommends is using real estate-specific contract recruiters.

TalentWoo’s contract recruiters are experienced real estate recruiting professionals who work on a project basis for organizations to fill open positions when requisition load may temporarily be too high for existing staff to cover. In these cases, it may not make sense to invest in hiring, onboarding, and training (not to mention investing in equipment, benefits, tools, etc.) if it is not clear what future hiring may look like, or whether future hiring will continue at current levels. It is less painful, costly and disruptive to use on-demand contract resources than to go through a round of internal layoffs. TalentWoo contract recruiters can be engaged to help supplement a real estate company’s internal recruiting team during temporary peak hiring periods, or to cover for any gaps in internal recruiting resources. Here are some reasons why a company may want to consider using our real estate contract recruiters, especially during today’s unpredictable economic times.

Flexibility: During uncertain economic times, with every corporate leader waiting on pins and needles for word from the Federal Reserve, real estate organizations may need to scale up or scale down their recruiting efforts based on how their business performs in shifting interest rate environments. Our contract recruiting resources can provide needed flexibility to adjust recruiting resources based on the organization’s changing needs. They can work on an as-needed basis, and their contract can be terminated when the hiring needs have been met.

Expertise: TalentWoo’s contract recruiters are experienced recruiting professionals with a special understanding of the real estate space, and who have worked with various organizations in different real estate verticals: commercial; residential; healthcare; mortgage; homebuilding. They also have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in sourcing and talent acquisition and can bring these skills to an organization that may not have an experienced recruiting team. They are also familiar with the latest recruiting tools and technologies, and come with TalenWoo’s professional network of tens of thousands of real estate professionals. This can be useful in attracting and retaining top talent.

Cost savings: Engaging TalentWoo’s contract recruiters can be cost-effective compared to hiring a full-time recruiting team. Organizations do not have to pay for benefits, taxes, or other overhead expenses associated with a full-time employee. Additionally, organizations can save on training costs, as our contract recruiters already have the required skillset to hit the ground running.

Faster time-to-fill: Our contract recruiters are focused on recruiting and can dedicate their time to filling open positions quickly. They have a network of contacts and can leverage their connections to identify and attract top talent. This can be especially beneficial during unpredictable economic times when hiring needs may be urgent.

If your real estate company needs a flexible, cost-effect hiring solution that offers short time-to-fill expertise, then consider TalentWoo’s contract recruiting solution. If you know that you need to hire, but are uncertain about future growth projections, contact TalentWoo today to discuss your hiring needs. One of our consultants would be happy to work with you to find the right solution.