iBuyer Needs to Hire 100+ people

The Challenge

Large, real estate iBuyer with strong national brand approached TalentWoo because their internal recruiting team needed help hiring over 100 licensed realtors, renovation estimators, and acquisition analysts in 19 markets across the country.  They had a make-or-break deadline of 4 to 5 months.  With weekly, real-time hiring forecasts constantly changing based on post-Coivid market conditions, they required a flexible solution, with the ability to pivot hiring focus on a moment’s notice.

The Solution

TalentWoo’s experienced team of real estate recruiting experts and licensed brokers partnered with the client to master and deliver the employer value proposition (including compensation, equity offering, and robust benefits package) to our existing network of licensed realtors, renovation estimators, superintendents and project managers.  Our internal brokers, paired with a focused real estate research/sourcing team were able to find, reach, screen and deliver hundreds of qualified and vetted candidates each month.

111 People Hired in 5 Months ...

... in 19 U.S. markets

... with 98.1% retention

In 5 Months We Hired …

Renovation Estimators

Licensed Market Realtors

Acquisition Analysts

Cost Savings ($)


Recruiting Cost Ratio (RCR)

"We Own Our Work..."

That’s our Third Core Value … and why proptech companies seek out TalentWoo.  We have a large network of real estate professionals and proven domain expertise that allows us to deliver superior results for our clients.  Our seasoned recruiters have, on average, 10-15 years of recruiting expertise which enables us to help our customers solve true business challenges.  Our elastic cost model allows companies to save more as they hire more!