Build Three Centralized Call Centers

The Challenge

National Property Management Company wanted to centralize several of its operations to improve profit margins.  It asked TalentWoo to create three distinct call centers to centralize: maintenance dispatch and resolution; customer service; and sales/leasing.  Two centers were being relocated from another state, and needed to be restaffed completely, while the third one needed to eliminate its use of temporary workers to fill openings.  With average contact center turnover as high as 45%, they needed a solution that could handle ramp-up, keep up with anticipated attrition, and earn the trust of managers who liked to “try before they buy” when hiring.

The Solution

TalentWoo put in an on-site, dedicated Contact Center Recruiter to run the high-volume staffing function.  Our on-site was in charge of career fairs, open houses, contact center tours, and other forms of employer marketing to drive candidate traffic. We created a thorough 7-Step process to keep our candidate pipeline continually full, but also to identify, hire and retain top calibur market talent.  With monthly training classes in place, well-defined hiring manager schedules, and set tour dates, we created a company-specific “hiring rythm.”

2013 Contact Center Hires

2014 Contact Center Hires

2015 Contact Center Hires

2016 Contact Center Hires

Repeatable Hiring Process:

Employer Marketing

Drove interest in opportunity through local colleges, multiple job fairs, online job boards, social media, and employee referral programs.

LAYER #1: Telephone Screening

Evaluated applicant telephone communication skills, etiquette, energy, relevant experience, salary requirements and job interest.

LAYER #2: On-Site Tours

Evaluated applicant punctuality, follow-through, professional presentation, in-person communication skills, and reinforecement of interest.

LAYER #3: Panel Interviews

Evaluation of applicants’ company research.  Structured behavioral based interviews to measure 5 core competencies.

LAYER #4 Structured Role Plays

Evaluation of applicants ability to reinforce brand, display empathy, ask probing questions, problem solve and begin/end calls in professional manner.

LAYER # 5: Quantitative Competency Analysis

Scoring each applicant numerically in 5 core competencies, tallying scores, averaging and comparing to existing standards and candidate pool.

LAYER #6 Background Checks

Thorough background investigations to verify education, employment, criminal history, and references.

Training Classes

2 week training class to get new employees up to speed


Reduction of Temporary Workforce

Days to Start


Recruiting Cost Ratio (RCR)

All Classes Filled

As a result of our on-site high-volume recruiting program, we were able to successfully create a hiring rythm with all three contact centers, filling monthly classes of contact center agents.  Classes for each center ranged from 5 to 15 new agents.