Geotargeting Maintenance Technicians

The Challenge

VP Construction and Maintenance of new Residential Maintenance Company approached TalentWoo to hire certified HVAC maintenance technicians in 30+ cities across the U.S. The challenge was to start the company from scratch,  and minimize drive time between properties by hiring technicians close to properties.

The Solution

We initiated the company launch with a pilot program in 9 key markets to define and validate performance.  TalentWoo geotargeted EPA certified technicians by contacting local trade schools, targeting competitors, and focusing on candidates in specific zip codes.  Once the initial pilot was proved out, we commenced recruiting in the remaining markets.

U.S. Cities

Maintenance Technicians Hired

Days to Fill

Creating a Maintenance Company

Review Metrics on Property Locations

Worked with executive team to determine locations of all properties within each market, and make determinations of locations central to largest clusters of units.

Geotargeted Job Marketing Campaigns

Leveraged TalentWoo’s database of talent and its automated job marketing engine to specified zip codes

Direct Outreach to Technicians

TalentWoo recruiters reached out to form relationships with local HVAC trade schools. Also directly targeted local multi-family properties to find competitive, certified technician talent.  Pilot program begins.

Full-Scale Roll Out

After 1 quarter of performance results, the technicians in the first nine markets began to prove out the business model, and TalentWoo was asked to build out the remaining U.S. markets.

1st Year Revenue ($)


Recruiting Cost Ratio

Mission Accomplished

TalentWoo divided each market into zones and subzones, and painstakingly screened candidate applications by skill and proximity to properties.  We were able to get the pilot program up and running in 9 markets in just over one month.   Within one year, we built out the entire U.S. market, hiring 64 maintenance technicians, along with the maintenance leadership team.