Investment Fund Surpasses 80,000+ Homes!

The Challenge

Following the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020,  a large investment management firm of $38.5 B in assets approached TalentWoo to help augment their internal recruitment team.  At the time of engagement, the company was expanding its national single-family home footprint into 5 new markets, closing on a portfolio of 14,000+ homes, and continuing to acquire SFR assets in existing markets, but did not have the internal recruiting bandwidth to support such large scale growth.  They had to deploy private capital immediately for asset acquisition, renovation, and operation but lacked the human capital to make it happen.

The Solution

TalentWoo partnered with the internal recruiting department with a turn-key, virtual recruiting department of 10 real estate recruiting experts from across the country.  This supplementary staff was able to seamlessly integrate with the existing internal team, using the same tools, the same company branding, and following the exact same processes.   The Vice President of Talent Acquisition was able to help the business meet all of its acquisition, renovation, and leasing targets without having to expand his team.  A unique cost model was created to accomodate the fluctuating staffing forecasts, while keeping overall costs well below industry standards.

Over 600 People Hired the First Year ...

... and 35,000 homes acquired.

In One Year We Hired …

HVAC Maintenance Technicians

Property Managers, Resident Relations

Acquisition Analysts

Corporate, Finance, IT

Customer Care Reps, Service Coordinators, Lease Administrators

Renovation Project Managers

TalentWoo Helps Companies Scale Quickly …

Single Family Homes

U.S. Markets


Assets Under Management *

* Revenue dollar amounts in thousands


Hiring Manager Satisfaction

Annual Cost Savings ($)


Recruiting Cost Ratio (RCR)

"We Create Possibilities..."

It’s more than just marketing jargon;  it’s our purpose… and why institutional players love working with TalentWoo.  When  real estate executives demand a world-class operating business, they know they can rely on our real estate recruiting experts to build it for them. Whether growing a portfolio through single-asset or portfolio asset acquisitions, ground-up development and vertical construction, or corporate mergers, TalentWoo is ready to help. Our recruiting expertise allows executive teams to dramatically increase portfolio size and occupancy rates, increase Core Funds from Operations, and decrease maintenance costs, all while maintaining a strong balance sheet.